Rymn the Small and Quiet Companion

rimm3rimm4rimm44rimm5“Rymn” ~ I’ve discovered that darker critters are harder to photograph.  This rascal challenges me to properly capture the cuteness. rimm11  rimm22I received the most unique locks from Sarafina recently. rimm55 They are called Icelandic locks.  I had to get to work making something immediately.   Rimm1This is who was born.  Meet Rymn.  I tried something out of the ordinary and added weight to his legs.  They are chunky and tear dropped shaped.  Felted into the center of each wool leg is decorative art gravel.  Just today I bought small plastic filler beads for this purpose for some future critters.  Rymn is all jointed and can move about (with help of course).   Rimm2I love how he feels… just enough weight to make him a pleasant handful.  His scarf came all the way from Italy with me.  I was there on vacation in November 2014.  We visited the island of Burano(Venice) and I bought this muslin cloth at the most fantastic little boutique.  I’ve added some vintage buttons.

I also tried something different with the eyes this time.  On the black wool eye balls I added white embroidered flecks.  I also added eyelashes using wool yarn.  I hope to gain more practice with using flecks as it’s a fine art to get each eye precise.  Rather adds to the character however.

I can’t wait to share more projects and life experiences with you from the Wooly Topic house!

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