Where I Create ~

I wanted to share a more personal side of Wooly Topic, where I create in my home and some of the fun chaos I work in.  This space seriously makes me tick 🙂  studio1I live in Southwestern Ontario, it’s winter here and very cold and snowy as I write this.  There really isn’t anything that comforts me more than being cozy in here where I can create.  studio2studio3My home is crazy busy.  We have 5 children, the oldest is 17 and the youngest is 3.  We also have 6 rescued pets that live with us.  At this point in my mommy career, it’s not possible to work away in a room away from the chaos of the family.  Our house is open concept, so my wonderful work space that I am showing you here, is out in the middle of the house, so I can sit and work but still be in the thick of things happening 🙂  studio4stuido5I love all things vintage.  I collect old spools of all sizes, I love buttons.  It makes me happy to display them in old mason jars and makes for easy access too!  studio6studio7One of my favourite things is packaging up items to send off to their new homes. I have quite a stamp collection for this.  I think I’m going to be over run with packaging supplies soon!  I’m addicted to them!  studio8studio9Of course I like to decorate and add lots of whimsy.  So fun and comforting.  Fills my soul.  The two beautiful dolls are part of my waldorf collection, meet Millicent from Abby Owsley Dolls and Emmalynne from Lemon Drop Dolls.  studio12I have such a love for deer.  My artist friend Krista Schneider painted these gorgeous pictures.  I’m so filled with joy to have them.    studio14studio13Kind of a funny thing… I do all my felting upon this yoga ball.  I think I’ve taught myself to balance quite well as a result.  In fact, and I wish I could get a video of this some time, my 3 year old son will often stand on the yoga ball behind me as I work and bounce as his little arms are around my neck.  How I don’t stab myself is a mystery!  I often think it’s quite a side show we have going on with this.

Thank you for looking!  I am so pleased to introduce a more casual side of myself to you!  ~

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