Weensy Woolly Wittle Wacky Pocket Bears (say that 3x fast!)

pocketbearsforupload  I’m seriously in huge bear love these days.  I’m not even certain what’s gotten into me!  For the last week, I’ve fallen asleep each night while googling “artist bears” and oogling teddy pics from all over the net.  I can’t get enough of these tiny personalities.  Each more expressive than the last.  Every little teddy is responsible for who they become.  All I do is scan my rovings… then when a colour jumps out at me & it’s ON!  I don’t generally know if they are going to be a boy bear or girl bear until they really come together.  The extra little details happen afterwards…they seem to tell me what best suits them for extra whimsy.  Then for the naming… at the risk of sounding like the wackiest felter around, I’m going to have to admit that they pretty much name themselves too 😉  flossy1This is Flossy.  She is the girlie girl of the bunch.  Light pink and adorned with some wee beads on her belly.  Was she ever patient as I sewed each bead into place.  In fact, she watched a few episodes of “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” while I did so.  She swooned over Carlton (heehee).  BeauOh miss Beau.  She’s pretty proud of that wool cowl.  She helped me make it!  She also picked out a vintage metal button to finish the look off.  Quite a fancy girl she is being a shade of Tiffany Blue. marvin6Marvin Marvin bo barvin, me my moe marvin!  Just a little spec of a thing.  He’s kind of a runt if you will.  A little brown guy with a rainbow mosaic print on his belly and a bright wool scarf.  He’s actually in the etsy shop now!  Go take a look:  Wooly Topic Etsy

annieOh Annie!  She just makes me smile.  All that chubby goodness and her ivory bow and her candy coloured bead necklace… I can’t even!  She has a red smiling mouth.  Something I don’t do too often.  CoalCoal is one of my personal favourites.  Quite distinguished.  I used black roving to create Coal.  He has a rainbow mosaic on his belly and has a wool yarn scarf in bright colours.  Probably his copper nose is what makes me eeeekkkk most.  coralCORAL!  Just.  OH MY.  coral swoon!  First of all I need to say that it’s hard to impress a 14 year old girl.  When I showed my daugther Coral… she ‘aaaawwwed’…  Coral has a purple hat with wool tassels. Notice her purple mittens and black boots.  SUCH a cutie!

I’m also working on a mystery bear.  She’s a little more detailed, but also 4″.  She just happens to have demanded some extra things is all.  I will introduce her when she’s done parading in front of the mirror.  She’s pretty excited to go out and enjoy her duds though.

These little friends will go into my Etsy shop.  I’m going to work on doing so for Friday January 23rd.  I can update here when they are in there and ready, as well check the FB page or instagram to find out when the pocket bears are officially on Etsy looking for love!

See you soon!


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