Maura – Special Edition Bear. Or as we like to call her: “the mirror loving one”.

Maura is a Special Edition Bear for Wooly Topic. maura1What does it mean to make it to a Special Edition list you ask?!  Well first of all, the bear must be a bit of a Diva. That miss Maura is.  She is outfitted in a more detailed way than the Pocket Bears and she is a bit bigger.  She took me way longer to create and frankly…she has parked herself in front of a mirror and won’t stop parading around!  maura2 She wears ballet slippers, her favourite colour is green.  maura3 She wears a green bow on her ear and loves her wool cowl! maura4 Her wee sweater is quite detailed, it was purchased at a Miniatures shop that I visit in Port Perry Ontario.  maura5 A lovely handful she is!

Miss Maura and all her pocket bear friends are now in the Etsy shop!  click here to go to the Etsy shop


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