Teddy Bear Picnic ~ A Mini Set

I can’t wait to show you a wee set I’ve completed.  It is a custom order for a friend’s daughter for her birthday!  I do love creating mini sets.  I haven’t done too many of them yet, but that is because they require a lot of attention and a lot of planning.  But when one is created I’m so into it and so excited!  I will collect items for months in preparation of working on a mini set with a ‘theme’.  I’ve done another “Teddy Friend Tea Time” and “Old Wild West” and now this one.  amna2Everything fitting snuggly inside the box.  amna4amna1I keep my eye out for special boxes.  I find them at antique markets, craft supply stores and home decor places.  This particular one is a pine box with hinges and metal detailing.  I stained it using a light purple wash.  When I make these sets I feel tiny garlands are a must!  Since this set was traveling to a different country, I thought making a garland using pieces of a map was a neat idea.  amna16amna17 amna15Meet Millie & Harold.  They are going on a Teddy Bear Picnic together!  (everything pictured is included with this set).  They dressed up for the occasion.  Millie in her favourite knitted sweater and bead necklace and Harold in his best navy pants and ivory bow tie!  (sssssshhhhhh don’t tell them I told you, but I think they are going on a DATE!) amna18First and foremost…one must remember the flowers.  amna5We have roses, poppies and some lavender(which actually is a lavender scent thank you to essential oil!).  The rose and poppy are in tiny ceramic pots.  The lavender was bought at the Teddy Bear Market and carried home in this green market bag by Harold and Millie.amna6 Also purchased at the Market was a fresh baguette and some bacon!  They are neatly wrapped in parchment paper and baker’s twine 🙂  amna7How do they get to the park?  Well on a bike of course!  What is a lazy day in the park without your favourite book to read.  They are tied to the back of the bike, but easily come off when the teddies need them. amna8When in the park it’s hard not to enjoy the birds.  Harold and Millie have their very own, a wee green bird in a nest and it’s perched on top of a wooden spool that I’ve felted some lively colours onto.  It all comes apart.  amna9A perfect picnic blanket that rolls up neatly and can easily be shaken clean to get all the crumbs from lunch off!  amna10A cotton bag to store all the tiny pieces that come with this set.  I have stamped it with a lady bug.amna11Part of the picnic!  of course we need to discuss the food, yum.  Pancakes to start.  With syrup and butter.  They are on one of the ceramic serving plates.  So tiny and cute! amna12Carrots….perfectly perfect.  amna13The carrots and apples fit into a delightful little basket.  The bacon is in a tiny metal bowl.  A layered birthday cake to enjoy!  Sitting on a wooden food crate.  The set also comes with a wooden tea set.  amna19Here is the whole shebang!  I’m so excited to mail this off in time for a very smart and special girl as she celebrates her birthday.  I hear she’s having a tea party for her birthday, so this is a neat addition.  Happy Birthay Maya!  ❤

I have another mini set in mind to start on next.  It will be “Teddy Bear’s Playroom”…


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