It Does My Soul Good…

Something a little different from me today!  I want to share a new piece I’ve decided to offer as a listing option in my  Etsy shop and what it’s all about.  artballforetsy1I’m pretty good at making woolly balls.  (snicker snicker but there’s just no other way to say it!)  ~  I can tightly needle felt them into perfect spheres.  I’ve done several versions over the last few years and this latest project is the most gratifying and fun!  These are Fiber Art Balls.  Art pieces, textile art, 3D art, 360degrees of floral garden scenes.  artballforetsy2They end up being approx 11″ around in circumference and that’s comparable to the size of a cantaloupe fruit.  artballforetsy3I use a base colour, hand dyed by me or something from my roving stash.  These particular ones are generously stuffed with organic lavender buds.  That makes them just as sweet to smell as it does to look at.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey are quite firmly felted.  Then I get to work on the floral designs over the entire surface.  artballforetsy4artballforetsy5There can be no pattern or actual plan when creating these pieces.  I have to let the creation process guide me as I go.  It’s the only way to make this work… the story unfolds as I felt.  I use art yarns, vintage buttons, roving, cotton floss, fabric pieces, felt…whatever seems to fit.  artballforetsy6The theme always ends up as a floral garden.  Every inch of the ball is a different story.  This is why I refer to these as 360degrees of art… or 3D art.  yellowball1aquaball1It does my soul good to get to make these pieces.  The freedom and the possibility and the fun!  My friend Laura is the owner of these current pieces… and she tells me one is in her work space at home, one beside her bed and one at work!  This makes me so happy 🙂  lauraball2pinkball2I think these are really unique for gift giving.  I love to wrap them up nicely for folks.  aquaball2Customers who commission me to create one of these for them, have the option of no lavender inside.  I’m suggesting that customers choose their base colour and I can help them decide upon a tone and shade for their chosen colour…then the rest you can leave up to me 🙂  You would be receiving a random, surprise creation similar to the pictures I’ve shared here.  I can’t wait to get creating! click here to go to my Etsy shop and find the listing for these Fiber Art Balls


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