Wooly Topic Bears ~ Oh my!

~Woolly, cute, tiny, friendly, big nose, expression, happy, cuddles, soft, travel, secrets… these are all the things I think of when I think of a Wooly Topic Bear.  aaammmmnnI wanted to share more about my plans for Wooly Topic bears and tell you a bit more about The Northern Collective sale that is coming up on Feb 3rd!  profileforfebThe Northern Collective is a group of Canadian makers, who create various handmade items in our homes.  We upload to our store on Hyena Cart, the first Tuesday of each month.  click here to view The Northern Collective store  Our sale starts at 9pm EST and we generally keep listings active for a few days, but go quick because more often than not, items sell out in a flash.

At this month’s sale, I will be showcasing 3 different sized bears.  I’m doing this in an effort to introduce the kind of bears you can expect to regularly see from me, the sizes and their details.  I LOVE bears.  I just do!  Their innocence and sweetness.


Bitty Bears – Small wool bears, approx 2.5-3″ tall.  They are jointed and can sit on their own.  I will make them in any colour and add extra whimsy when I can.  The Bitty Bear you will be introduced to on Feb 3 at The Northern Collective, is Bonker: bonker1 Another example of a Bitty Bear would be Harvey: harvey3 And:alynn123reading

Pocket Bears – These woollies will be approx 4″ tall and fully jointed.  I will love to keep adding whimsy to them.  Perfect best friends.  Neat for dollhouse families.  The Pocket Bear I will introduce you to on Feb 3 is Emelie:  Emelie1emelie2A beautiful shade of green for the torso, shades of brown make up her limbs, head and ears and then a wonderful cowl with a vintage button.  So love!  More examples of Pocket Bears include:  venice4tiffywantsatutuzoltanspampazgirlseamus3forjulie

Teeswater Bears –  These luxurious friends are made entirely with curly locks that have been left in their natural colour or hand dyed to the most beautiful tones and shades.  These bears will be 5-6″ long.  Their arms are jointed and their legs are attached in a floppy manner using wool yarn.  At The Northern Collective, I will introduce you to Kai 🙂  kai1kai2 Kai is all bright pink curly locks!  She can’t wait to meet her new friends.  An example of more teeswater bears:  abrownbearopiejudewinnieI also love to make Teeswater lambs ❤  foretsy4bella4jojoplaytime

I will make Special Edition bears every so often too!  Ones that are tall and wear shoes and stand…little ones that have clothes, themes, and sets in boxes.  A Special Edition bear that I can’t wait to post at our sale on Feb 3rd is BeeBear and his beehive (by the amazing Jenny at The Hollow Root) :  beehiveandbeebear1gangforfebtnc

It’s a sweet loving journey when I bring each and every woolly to life.  I connect with the critters I make.  Thank you for letting me create!


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