Giveaway! Uno the Bear.

Over on my FB page I am having a giveaway:  Meet Uno Bear!  uno2click here to go to my Facebook page

Uno is a sweet little anniversary bear.  It is one year ago that I made my first jointed bear!  His name was Vaughn and this is him:  Vaughn, Barney 004

Uno is 4″ tall and all wool.  He’s jointed and his head, arms and legs move.  His ears and eyes are sewn on for extra durability.  For a toy, I recommend he be for children 4 and older.

uno3uno4 To enter over on FB, comment on Uno’s post by tagging a friend and telling me why you appreciate them 🙂  You can do more than one post.  I’m going to have my teenage daughter pick a random winner from all the comments.  We will announce Uno’s new home on Sat Jan 17th.  The contest closes at 11:59pm EST Jan 16th.  The person who LEFT the comment will receive Uno.  Shipping is on Wooly Topic.  uno5I can’t thank you enough for entering!! Uno is one excited little dude.  uno6

Where I Create ~

I wanted to share a more personal side of Wooly Topic, where I create in my home and some of the fun chaos I work in.  This space seriously makes me tick 🙂  studio1I live in Southwestern Ontario, it’s winter here and very cold and snowy as I write this.  There really isn’t anything that comforts me more than being cozy in here where I can create.  studio2studio3My home is crazy busy.  We have 5 children, the oldest is 17 and the youngest is 3.  We also have 6 rescued pets that live with us.  At this point in my mommy career, it’s not possible to work away in a room away from the chaos of the family.  Our house is open concept, so my wonderful work space that I am showing you here, is out in the middle of the house, so I can sit and work but still be in the thick of things happening 🙂  studio4stuido5I love all things vintage.  I collect old spools of all sizes, I love buttons.  It makes me happy to display them in old mason jars and makes for easy access too!  studio6studio7One of my favourite things is packaging up items to send off to their new homes. I have quite a stamp collection for this.  I think I’m going to be over run with packaging supplies soon!  I’m addicted to them!  studio8studio9Of course I like to decorate and add lots of whimsy.  So fun and comforting.  Fills my soul.  The two beautiful dolls are part of my waldorf collection, meet Millicent from Abby Owsley Dolls and Emmalynne from Lemon Drop Dolls.  studio12I have such a love for deer.  My artist friend Krista Schneider painted these gorgeous pictures.  I’m so filled with joy to have them.    studio14studio13Kind of a funny thing… I do all my felting upon this yoga ball.  I think I’ve taught myself to balance quite well as a result.  In fact, and I wish I could get a video of this some time, my 3 year old son will often stand on the yoga ball behind me as I work and bounce as his little arms are around my neck.  How I don’t stab myself is a mystery!  I often think it’s quite a side show we have going on with this.

Thank you for looking!  I am so pleased to introduce a more casual side of myself to you!  ~

“Anki” ~ I didn’t know teddy bears could have cooler boots than me.

anki2  I’ve discovered a love of a certain kind of critter.  Ones with tiny shoes.  Little wee perfect mini sized shoes.  Anki’s shoes are brown leather boots with the tiniest perfect laces.  I just cannot resist this look.  Personally I cannot get over that perfect shoes are made so tiny!  The soles are not even 1″ long! esmebunny1 The navy blue Mary Janes belong to a bunny I made named Esme.  beatrice2The boots belong to a lamb named Bea.    anki1Shoes aren’t the only thing that make these critters special to me.  I’m rather enjoying the tiny skirts.  Anki is wearing one made by the fantastic Honey Lime Designs(Etsy, Facebook).  The skirt comes on and off, it has an elastic waist.   These shoe-wearing-wonders are detailed all over.  Miss Anki even has KNEES! (I will need to take a picture of them as I realize I didn’t today!)anki3Wooly Topic critters have unique personalities.  Two little girls who met Anki today at my house, think she looks sad.  I told them it’s because she is desperately waiting for a new home.  One should likely think before giving that answer to little girls who are looking longingly at a boot-and-skirt-wearing bear.  They mistook my attempt at humor as an invitation to keep her.  However, the smaller humans around me are getting used to being told they will need to add current creations to ‘their wish lists’ 😉  anki4Anki has her own teddy bear friend.  We call him “Will”.  Wee Will is just over 1 inch long.  He is fully jointed!  Will fits tucked under her chubby wool arm.   Her torso is weighted using decorative art gravel(small bead like pieces).  I love the weight of these critters.  A perfect handful.  Anki’s torso is made using hand dyed teeswater locks in bright pink, purple, yellow, green and orange.  It’s a mosaic combination.  anki6Anki’s limbs and head are jointed and move.  She sits and stands on her own.  Her ears and face are ivory wool felt.  She has embroidered features too.  Anki has felt pads on her front paws. anki7 Anki has brown bead eyes.  They feel like glass to me and they are so gorgeous!

Anki is pleased I introduced her to you.   She promises that she is not a grumpy soul.  Rather, she’s innocent and sweet.  Anki is caring and a good listener.

She will look for a home soon!  ❤

Rymn the Small and Quiet Companion

rimm3rimm4rimm44rimm5“Rymn” ~ I’ve discovered that darker critters are harder to photograph.  This rascal challenges me to properly capture the cuteness. rimm11  rimm22I received the most unique locks from Sarafina recently. rimm55 They are called Icelandic locks.  I had to get to work making something immediately.   Rimm1This is who was born.  Meet Rymn.  I tried something out of the ordinary and added weight to his legs.  They are chunky and tear dropped shaped.  Felted into the center of each wool leg is decorative art gravel.  Just today I bought small plastic filler beads for this purpose for some future critters.  Rymn is all jointed and can move about (with help of course).   Rimm2I love how he feels… just enough weight to make him a pleasant handful.  His scarf came all the way from Italy with me.  I was there on vacation in November 2014.  We visited the island of Burano(Venice) and I bought this muslin cloth at the most fantastic little boutique.  I’ve added some vintage buttons.

I also tried something different with the eyes this time.  On the black wool eye balls I added white embroidered flecks.  I also added eyelashes using wool yarn.  I hope to gain more practice with using flecks as it’s a fine art to get each eye precise.  Rather adds to the character however.

I can’t wait to share more projects and life experiences with you from the Wooly Topic house!

Getting Started…

Well Hi!  Fancy meeting you here.

I have finally done it… Wooly Topic is now officially a “.com” 🙂

I think this will be mega fun.  My passion is creating and next to that is sharing the fruits of that passion with you.  I’ve met some amazing people since starting Wooly Topic.  I want to share with you all the chaos, crazy, all the happy and the whimsy that goes into Wooly Topic.  I might tantrum.  I might cry.  I may YELL.  There might even be cursing… but I WILL laugh and love and share.

Be patient with me as I try to learn this whole process.  What a new task for a very nontechy person!

~ Alynn      See My Etsy Shop Here