What is going on with these bears in costume!?

We meet again!  Another Saturday night and another exciting sit down in front of my computer! haha!

I just got back from New Orleans, we had such a fun time!  It was an International Roofing Conference for my husband, but he was able to come on many adventures with me as well while there.  I was able to start another bear when away and she’s actually finished now too.  These little bears have demanded costumes lately after they are done being made!  They insist on getting out some fabrics and crazy things to make up little outfits for themselves, that can come on and off.  What the HECK!  The mess they make while doing so is only half the battle…. trying to figure out what they are trying to be once dressed up, is another story too.  BUT…they make my heart melt. They make my stomach flip from the cute.  They can pull off these crazy things.  Meet Deb.  Humour her and pretend you know exactly what she’s trying to be… I’m still figuring it out myself:  dotsbearincapandmask2<- silk mask.  Denim cape.  Blue shorts.  Wonder Bear?  Super Bear?  I’m not entirely sure but she’s cuddly cute.  dotsbearincapandmask3dotsbearincapandmask6dotsbearincapandmask5See what I mean??

Let’s talk about the bears in bunny drag.  Have you met Molly & Luci yet?  luciandmollysittingsidewaysThese two are wool bears that wear bunny costumes.  When they were done being felted, they thought that in order to be perfect for Easter baskets, perhaps they could dress up like bunnies!  I’m quite impressed with their costume making ability.  luciandmollybackview  Both are Pocket Bear sized and have bunny ears and bunny tails…their costumes come off entirely.  These girls will be looking for homes at The Northern Collective sale on March 3rd and the sale starts at 9pm EST.  click here to visit The Northern Collective store on Hyena Cart

I guess the costumes are kind of a natural progression in my creative journey.  The bears and their personalities just make me giggle.  To see them dressed in little costumes gives a whole new element of attraction.  I love that the costumes are simple and put together the way they are.  I want the costumes to appear as though the bears made them all by themselves.

I really do think a bear with an entire costume wardrobe might be in order.  I look at tiny things and gain major inspiration.  For example, today I found a little perfect acorn in my house and OF COURSE, the top is going to be a fantastic hat for a bear!  Turtlekeeper Designs is sending me the most adorable little knits to help with this journey.  I keep my eye out for anything whimsical and fun. Simple and cute really.

More Molly & Luci:  molly2sissy3goofybunnybearsfor TNCsissyandmolly

Oh hey!  Did you know a have a little Special Edition Bear available on Etsy right now?  His name is Miguel and he’s so irresistible.  Miguel is made using the softest white roving and pink wool I dyed here at home.  He is also wearing a blue hat and blue sweater vest.  They are made using some delicate gauze fabric that I dyed a light blue and sewed a bit to turn them into this!  Little Miguel is fully jointed and just waiting for a home 🙂  foretsymiguel3 foretsymiguel4click here to see him in my Etsy store

Saturday Night Stories. BeeBear Style.

Hi!  What else would I be doing late on a Saturday night?  Of COURSE I’m here catching up on my blog 😉

I want to tell you about a custom I did recently.  The fabulous gal said I can share with you all.  I have some pictures and the story behind why she asked me to create for her.  I LOVE this. It’s an unreal feeling knowing that when you create, it actually can touch the soul of someone living hundreds of miles away.  Now THAT is awesome.

Meet BeeBear(another one)…not THE BeeBear…but A BeeBear lol.  He also has a felted hive.  beebearforblog3beebearforblog

Here are some words Jill sent:

I am new to your art. But that bear brought back so many memories.May I tell you a story? When my kids were young, 11,10 and 8, we drove back to California and brought my niece back to Iowa for the summer. The ENTIRE way home, my son Samuel told us a story about a bear that befriended the honeybees. When i say the entire way home, it was literally.  beebearforblog5

driving through Arizona at 2:30 in the morning with 4 kids giggling and laughing in the back of my van. I would yell, in my best mom voice, “Go to sleep!” The other three would say, “Just one more chapter!!!” And Sam would launch into another chapter, and I have to admit, I was just as captivated as they were. My Son, Samuel Alexander, is the best storyteller I have ever met. He is now an adult and even now when I catch him on FB, telling stories, I tell him to go to bed. What do his siblings say? “C’mon Mom, one more chapter!” My son, Sam, is a trained actor, who is now engaged. He needs that bear! I am being so honest that when I saw the bear and the hive, I was transported back to when my babies where little.    beebearforblog4beebearforblog6beebearforblog7

Thank you for letting me create for you Jill!  It’s such an honour.  I hope you and Sam enjoy this little BeeBear! ~ alynn


Stella & Joy ~ officially looking for homes :)

It’s time!   The two rascals are now ready for their homes and waiting to meet a new family.  outsideplaying  Both are in my Etsy shop now.  Sold separately.  Click here to find my Etsy shop

Today was a fun day!  Yesterday we experienced quite a snow storm, and it caught us off guard!  Stella & Joy didn’t know WHAT to think.  unexpectedblizzard I bundled them up in some beautiful woolens and out we went to introduce them to the snow.  As you can see, they were shivering little bears!  Today, they embraced this white stuff and we got bundled up again into some playful gear and the girls even made snow balls.  What a pair they are.

Have a great weekend woolly peeps!

Stella the Ham!

Stella is a special bear to introduce you to.  She is the first of this kind that I’ve ever put together.  stellablog1A friendly & happy soul, my Stella is.  She’s clever and loves accessories.  She likes everything whimsy and fun.  Stella isn’t fancy per say, but she’s ‘put together’ in her very own way.  stellablog2Stella is a tall girl where Wooly Topic bears are concerned – 9.5″ high.  Miss Whimsy is made entirely of wool and is sculpte using core wool… felting needles and then soft brown wool roving.  Stella is weighted in her torso with small pieces of art gravel. stellablog3Her eyes are black beads that have been sewn securely into place.  Her ears are wee and brown and also securely sewn and then felted to her head.  Stella’s head is string jointed and she can move it side to side.  Her big brown dorky nose is irresistible and her brown mouth has been embroidered with cotton floss.  She has some rose coloured cheeks and a rose tinted nose, I’ve blushed her face using red beeswax.  stellablog4Miss Stella is wearing a lovely necklace I made using candy coloured beads and two sterling silver beads, they are strung on pink cotton floss.  Around her waist she has a rolled cotton flower (made by Patty at Braidys Bobbys).  I’ve attached it to a silky ribbon and it’s tied around her waist.  It can come on and off.  Did you notice the denim bow on her ear?  It’s sewn by me and just tied on her ear as well, it can come on and off.  stellablog5Oh her rustic skirt! swoon!  I’ve been dying to use the materials I have here but guess what… this Wooly Momma cannot sew using a machine!  (yes, I NEEEED to learn!).  So I put together a raggy skirt using strips of cotton fabrics, blue denim, wool yarns, fancy ribbons.  The waist is elastic and the skirt can come on and off.  stellablog6I really am such a fan of this whimsy, crazy, rustic look… you will also notice the oval wooden button I attached to the side of the raggy skirt. That’s there entirely for looks 😉  stellablog7Miss Stella is a new venture for me because her arms and legs have wire felted right into the center.  This means her arms and legs can be completely posed!  Her little friend is named “Joy” and miss Stella loves to play peek-a-bear with Joy.  stellaphotobomb

Stella wears some neat kickers too… they are her play shoes.  I tried telling her that little girl bears usually don’t go climbing trees and splashing in mud puddles in their nice white Mary Janes…but she didn’t listen.  Her cute Mary Janes got a bit worn, but we’ve decided that they just add to her over all charm 🙂  stellashoesStella’s shoes come on and off, but for her to stand on her own, they will need to be on.  They snap close with a silver snap.  Her Mary Janes are white but myself and my 7 year old neighbour, Kylie, used some brown stain to ‘rough them up’ a bit.  So they have a brown tinge to ‘age’ them.  stellablog10stellablog11Joy is a Pocket Bear friend of Stella 🙂  She won’t come ‘with’ Stella, but I will be sure to have her for sale at the same time Stella is looking for a home, just in case someone wants to give them the same place to live.  stellablog12Stella can even stand on her silly head! ha!  stellablog13 ‘hi’ from Joy ❤

Miss Stella bear will be looking for a home on Friday Feb 13th, in my Etsy shop.  Joy will have a listing there too.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page to find out times 🙂  Click here to go to the Wooly Topic Etsy shop