Stella the Ham!

Stella is a special bear to introduce you to.  She is the first of this kind that I’ve ever put together.  stellablog1A friendly & happy soul, my Stella is.  She’s clever and loves accessories.  She likes everything whimsy and fun.  Stella isn’t fancy per say, but she’s ‘put together’ in her very own way.  stellablog2Stella is a tall girl where Wooly Topic bears are concerned – 9.5″ high.  Miss Whimsy is made entirely of wool and is sculpte using core wool… felting needles and then soft brown wool roving.  Stella is weighted in her torso with small pieces of art gravel. stellablog3Her eyes are black beads that have been sewn securely into place.  Her ears are wee and brown and also securely sewn and then felted to her head.  Stella’s head is string jointed and she can move it side to side.  Her big brown dorky nose is irresistible and her brown mouth has been embroidered with cotton floss.  She has some rose coloured cheeks and a rose tinted nose, I’ve blushed her face using red beeswax.  stellablog4Miss Stella is wearing a lovely necklace I made using candy coloured beads and two sterling silver beads, they are strung on pink cotton floss.  Around her waist she has a rolled cotton flower (made by Patty at Braidys Bobbys).  I’ve attached it to a silky ribbon and it’s tied around her waist.  It can come on and off.  Did you notice the denim bow on her ear?  It’s sewn by me and just tied on her ear as well, it can come on and off.  stellablog5Oh her rustic skirt! swoon!  I’ve been dying to use the materials I have here but guess what… this Wooly Momma cannot sew using a machine!  (yes, I NEEEED to learn!).  So I put together a raggy skirt using strips of cotton fabrics, blue denim, wool yarns, fancy ribbons.  The waist is elastic and the skirt can come on and off.  stellablog6I really am such a fan of this whimsy, crazy, rustic look… you will also notice the oval wooden button I attached to the side of the raggy skirt. That’s there entirely for looks 😉  stellablog7Miss Stella is a new venture for me because her arms and legs have wire felted right into the center.  This means her arms and legs can be completely posed!  Her little friend is named “Joy” and miss Stella loves to play peek-a-bear with Joy.  stellaphotobomb

Stella wears some neat kickers too… they are her play shoes.  I tried telling her that little girl bears usually don’t go climbing trees and splashing in mud puddles in their nice white Mary Janes…but she didn’t listen.  Her cute Mary Janes got a bit worn, but we’ve decided that they just add to her over all charm 🙂  stellashoesStella’s shoes come on and off, but for her to stand on her own, they will need to be on.  They snap close with a silver snap.  Her Mary Janes are white but myself and my 7 year old neighbour, Kylie, used some brown stain to ‘rough them up’ a bit.  So they have a brown tinge to ‘age’ them.  stellablog10stellablog11Joy is a Pocket Bear friend of Stella 🙂  She won’t come ‘with’ Stella, but I will be sure to have her for sale at the same time Stella is looking for a home, just in case someone wants to give them the same place to live.  stellablog12Stella can even stand on her silly head! ha!  stellablog13 ‘hi’ from Joy ❤

Miss Stella bear will be looking for a home on Friday Feb 13th, in my Etsy shop.  Joy will have a listing there too.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page to find out times 🙂  Click here to go to the Wooly Topic Etsy shop

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