Saturday Night Stories. BeeBear Style.

Hi!  What else would I be doing late on a Saturday night?  Of COURSE I’m here catching up on my blog 😉

I want to tell you about a custom I did recently.  The fabulous gal said I can share with you all.  I have some pictures and the story behind why she asked me to create for her.  I LOVE this. It’s an unreal feeling knowing that when you create, it actually can touch the soul of someone living hundreds of miles away.  Now THAT is awesome.

Meet BeeBear(another one)…not THE BeeBear…but A BeeBear lol.  He also has a felted hive.  beebearforblog3beebearforblog

Here are some words Jill sent:

I am new to your art. But that bear brought back so many memories.May I tell you a story? When my kids were young, 11,10 and 8, we drove back to California and brought my niece back to Iowa for the summer. The ENTIRE way home, my son Samuel told us a story about a bear that befriended the honeybees. When i say the entire way home, it was literally.  beebearforblog5

driving through Arizona at 2:30 in the morning with 4 kids giggling and laughing in the back of my van. I would yell, in my best mom voice, “Go to sleep!” The other three would say, “Just one more chapter!!!” And Sam would launch into another chapter, and I have to admit, I was just as captivated as they were. My Son, Samuel Alexander, is the best storyteller I have ever met. He is now an adult and even now when I catch him on FB, telling stories, I tell him to go to bed. What do his siblings say? “C’mon Mom, one more chapter!” My son, Sam, is a trained actor, who is now engaged. He needs that bear! I am being so honest that when I saw the bear and the hive, I was transported back to when my babies where little.    beebearforblog4beebearforblog6beebearforblog7

Thank you for letting me create for you Jill!  It’s such an honour.  I hope you and Sam enjoy this little BeeBear! ~ alynn



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