What is going on with these bears in costume!?

We meet again!  Another Saturday night and another exciting sit down in front of my computer! haha!

I just got back from New Orleans, we had such a fun time!  It was an International Roofing Conference for my husband, but he was able to come on many adventures with me as well while there.  I was able to start another bear when away and she’s actually finished now too.  These little bears have demanded costumes lately after they are done being made!  They insist on getting out some fabrics and crazy things to make up little outfits for themselves, that can come on and off.  What the HECK!  The mess they make while doing so is only half the battle…. trying to figure out what they are trying to be once dressed up, is another story too.  BUT…they make my heart melt. They make my stomach flip from the cute.  They can pull off these crazy things.  Meet Deb.  Humour her and pretend you know exactly what she’s trying to be… I’m still figuring it out myself:  dotsbearincapandmask2<- silk mask.  Denim cape.  Blue shorts.  Wonder Bear?  Super Bear?  I’m not entirely sure but she’s cuddly cute.  dotsbearincapandmask3dotsbearincapandmask6dotsbearincapandmask5See what I mean??

Let’s talk about the bears in bunny drag.  Have you met Molly & Luci yet?  luciandmollysittingsidewaysThese two are wool bears that wear bunny costumes.  When they were done being felted, they thought that in order to be perfect for Easter baskets, perhaps they could dress up like bunnies!  I’m quite impressed with their costume making ability.  luciandmollybackview  Both are Pocket Bear sized and have bunny ears and bunny tails…their costumes come off entirely.  These girls will be looking for homes at The Northern Collective sale on March 3rd and the sale starts at 9pm EST.  click here to visit The Northern Collective store on Hyena Cart

I guess the costumes are kind of a natural progression in my creative journey.  The bears and their personalities just make me giggle.  To see them dressed in little costumes gives a whole new element of attraction.  I love that the costumes are simple and put together the way they are.  I want the costumes to appear as though the bears made them all by themselves.

I really do think a bear with an entire costume wardrobe might be in order.  I look at tiny things and gain major inspiration.  For example, today I found a little perfect acorn in my house and OF COURSE, the top is going to be a fantastic hat for a bear!  Turtlekeeper Designs is sending me the most adorable little knits to help with this journey.  I keep my eye out for anything whimsical and fun. Simple and cute really.

More Molly & Luci:  molly2sissy3goofybunnybearsfor TNCsissyandmolly

Oh hey!  Did you know a have a little Special Edition Bear available on Etsy right now?  His name is Miguel and he’s so irresistible.  Miguel is made using the softest white roving and pink wool I dyed here at home.  He is also wearing a blue hat and blue sweater vest.  They are made using some delicate gauze fabric that I dyed a light blue and sewed a bit to turn them into this!  Little Miguel is fully jointed and just waiting for a home 🙂  foretsymiguel3 foretsymiguel4click here to see him in my Etsy store


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