Pepper from Pickle Crow, Ontario.

I am greatly inspired by many artists who create from their own home studios.  Many of them being creators of Waldorf inspired dolls.  I myself am a collector of these beautiful beings, made from all natural materials.  Over time I have found myself wanting to create simple looking dolls that remind me of the look of the dolls I collect and love so much.

I first created Hally:  hallycutest  She was the first of my doll creations.  I am quite taken with small wool knits and tiny detailed footware.  I love short hair and curls.  This is how Hally was born.  Hally stands 8″ tall and she has wire in her legs and arms.  She is also fully jointed.  Hally has moved to her new home now.

Onto introducing Pepper:  pepper1 pepper2When she was all ready… she told me her name and said she is from Pickle Crow, Ontario.  It’s a real town!  I looked it up!  It sounds like a whimsical place, just like Pepper.

She is an all wool doll, created entirely by needle felting.  She stands 9.5″.  Her arms and legs have wire inside and she’s fully jointed.  She has skinny limbs and a chubby belly 🙂  pepper3pepper4She has beautiful auburn teeswater curls.  pepper6pepper7Pepper can be posed.  Her clothes and boots come off.  pepper8Tied in her hair is a sweet piece of gauze cotton material that has hearts as a design.  pepper9I find myself to be a bit of a detail junkie.  pepper10The pink cowl was crocheted by Turtlekeeper Designs.  I have sewn a wooden button on to keep it closed around her.  The wool romper is knitted and I am uncertain who made it!  I purchased this romper from a friend who no longer needed it for her dolls.  Pepper is complete with brown leather lace up boots.  Wearing them ensures she can stand on her own. pepper11Pepper has a pink smile and rosey cheeks.  Her eyes are glass beads and she is complete with some freckles too!

There’s no telling how many dolls I will be creating.  I tend to do what my heart tells me.  Soon Pepper will be looking for a home 🙂  She will be found in my Etsy shop:  Click here to go to my Etsy shop

Some Spring Newbies! It’s all about balls. AND discount codes!

I’ve been busy as usual!  Something I’ve been trying to do is create more listings for my Etsy shop.  I’ve been having fun with balls lately!  (why, OH WHY does that always have to sound awkward).

Fun Fact:  Did you know that my Solar System is one of the most popular listings in my shop?!  sunearthedit2It’s a set of 9.  I carefully designed each piece to loosely replicate it’s true planet. I then firmly felt each set, and try to do each planet to scale in relation to the sun, which of course, is the biggest.  Such a neat learning tool, toy set… classroom aide.  I think these would look so cool made into a mobile as well.  I’ve never attempted it…but I wish somebody would!  solarsystem9 003  The Solar System sets are a made-to-order listing in my Etsy shop.  If you are seeing this and want to order one…I’ve decided to offer a coupon code for you to use, just for reading my blog here!  Use CODE:  SOLARSYSTEM10 at check out!  You will get 10% off.  click here to find the Solar System in my Etsy shop

One of the new listings is a Flower Jingle Ball.  flowerball4 Perfect for spring!  This is a toy and has also been wet felted for more durability.  The flower has 6 petals, all being different bright colours.  The flower also has a stem and leaf.  flowerball3 flowerball1The sizing is about the same as a tennis ball.  I’ve created this with all wool and put jingle bells inside.  If you would like to order one, use coupon CODE: FLOWERBALL10 and you will receive 10% off when you buy the listing!  click here to find the Flower Ball Listing in my Etsy shop  (it’s a made-to-order)

Another brand new listing is the Jewel Gnome!  rainbowgnome5He’s fun… I think that’s because I create him using art yarn.  If you know me, you know that I have an unreasonable addiction to art yarn.  I can’t quit it.  I’ve tried.  So instead of fighting my demons…I have embraced it by creating things USING said art yarns 😉  SO meet Jewel Gnome.  Another made-to-order listing.  This gnome is a rainbow gnome(troll person), and the colours are jewel tones.  I also wet felt this character and that includes his beard!  This makes him quite suitable as a toy.  He’s a detailed piece of work as I sculpt him entirely and then wet felt to perfection.   I want to create a listing for other gnomes too… such as a primary rainbow colour gnome, maybe some solid options too.  These guys are neat story props, pretend toys, nature table display. You know…they ARE neat for decor too!  The beards are made using a luxurious ivory teeswater lock.  rainbowgnome2Certain gnomes that I have met along my journey do prefer to be called ‘troll people’… so you might see me refer to them as that now and then.  These are each one of a kind, but look similar each time.  They are a made-to-order listing in my Etsy shop.  If you would like to order one, use coupon CODE:  JEWELGNOME10 and you will receive 10% off.  click here to find the Jewel Gnome listing in my Etsy shop

If you happen to click my shop and see that a listing is missing…don’t panic!  Leave that to MEEEE!!! Just kidding … it just means that I’m currently working on that listing for someone else and I renew each sold listing as soon as I’m done and able to start a new order!  This is how I properly keep track of my work schedule and keep myself from getting overwhelmed.  It helps keep me in check… keep my brain sorted… keep my list in shape… leave my brain unscrambled…well you get the point.  I’m just a one woman show working hard in my corner of dining room zoned into netflix and a glass of ice tea 😀

If you happen to have any neat ideas that you would love to see me try for the shop, please by all means share!  leave me a comment… email… visit me on FB… whatever you prefer … I’m game to try!  Bye for now… I need to grocery shop dang it.