Owls and Hedgehogs and the Great White Whale!

What have I been up to?  Let me show you!  **squeak & squeal!**

eggie1whitewhale3farmer2  Well for one, I’ve been practicing to crochet!  It’s going… ummmm… well it’s going.  But I have the most exquisite of yarns to work with and although my crochet pieces are so simple, they are bright and pretty!  For example, I’ve been making little toys that come with wool coats.  The whale comes with a wool blanket.  I decided to add to my Etsy shop, little critters that could be toys.  I looked around for ideas and discovered that owls and hedgehogs are pretty darn popular.  So viola, meet the new Wooly Topic creations!  twoowlshedgehoggangtardishedgehog2berry3mint2eggie4They all have wooly coats that come on and off…with some funky buttons!  mint1tardishedgehog1milkshake1berry1

Gelo the White Whale comes with his alpaca wool blanket.  It ties to his back using a leather cord.  Even whales need to stop and rest on some softness he tells me!  whitewhale5whitewhale4whitewhale1  They are meant as perfect pocket friends.  A bit of cuteness to add to your day.  To make you feel happy 🙂  I hope to add more whales to the mix too.  They are currently over on Etsy:  click here

Happy Friday Wooly Peeps!

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