A Freckled Girl and her Preppy Teddy Bear

These two want to be introduced.  They’ve had enough coddling from me!  Meet Mae and Milly:  maeandmilly2   Best Friends.

Mae is an outgoing child, so sweet and gentle.  She has a love for the out doors and all animals.  “No dresses for me!” she exclaimed.  Thank goodness I had the cutest overall rompers on hand, made for me by the lovely Melissa Kittle Knits for Littles.  “No Sunday shoes for me!”, Mae added.  Forever thankful I had a perfect pair of leather boots.  They hold up well when Mae is climbing and running and puddle jumping.  maeandmilly6  She has a face of freckles, but sometimes I can’t tell if they are the freckles or dirt!  You will notice her rosey cheeks… that’s what happens when you spend about 18 hours a day outside playing!

Milly is Mae’s best friend.  An adorable and innocent teddy bear.  Milly is quite prissy, she seems to have some influence on Mae!  Mae would prefer to never brush her hair(or wash it!), but when Milly talked Mae into a braid and buns… she realized that it could work… no hair in the way when she’s outside playing!  Although Milly is prim and proper, Mae has also had an affect on her.  Milly isn’t against puddle jumping … that credit goes to Mae.  Milly will however insist on a bath as soon as she’s back in the house though.  Mae…well we won’t talk about her bath routine. maeandmilly5

Best friends often like to match.  I can attest to this when it comes to Mae and Milly.  They each wear the same silver star, a gift from each other last Christmas.  Neither knew what the other one was giving…what a funny surprise it was!  maeandmilly7

Another funny circumstance is the fact that Mae is wearing a gorgeous rainbow wool overalls…and Milly is wearing a gorgeous rainbow wool sweater!  Milly’s sweater was made by Turtlekeeper Designs.  Outfits made by two different makers, but they totally match!  What fun!  maeandmilly4

How they are made:  Both Mae and Milly are sculpted from wool, using the needle felting technique.  Mae has special wire inside her arms and legs.  Her limbs are attached both by sewing and then felting.  She is completely posable.  Mae is weighted inside her torso.  Her cheeks are blushed with beeswax.  Mae’s hair is done in a combo of silk, mohair and wool.  Her braid goes all the way around her head and she has two buns on the top of her head.  Little leather boots that are pink adorn her feet.  They lace up and can come on and off.  Mae wears a silver star, it is attached to the inside of her heart pocket and can be pulled out or tucked inside.  Around her wrist is a genuine raw amber bracelet, the amber was purchased from Hazel and Honey.  She is 8″ tall and can stand on her own and pose to sit.

Milly is jointed and attached in a floppy manner to give her more personality. Her cheeks are blushed with beeswax and her smile is cotton floss.  Milly’s eyes are black glass beads.  She wears a dusty rose silk headband and attached to it is a silver star.  She is 3.5″ tall.

On to explore!  That’s what they are ready to do!  This duo is together in my Etsy shop:  click here to visit the Etsy shop


Human Anatomy Doll

UPDATE:  This doll has found a home, if you are interested in another after reading this post, please contact me on FB or woolytopic@hotmail.ca

As it normally goes, I got an idea that bounced around my brain and I had to get working before I busted from anticipation.  Meet Anatomy Doll:  anatomy101This doll measures 10″ tall.  I’ve created it using core wool and suntan skin tone wool roving.  The torso was carefully hollowed out so I could fit all the organs inside.  anatomy102I spent approximately 40 hours creating this piece.  The end result is quite durable, the doll is very firmly and tightly felted.  Each little accessory is also very firmly felted out of wool.  The limbs have been both sewn and felted into place.  anatomy103 This is a diagram of all the organs that fit perfectly and snugly inside the torso.  The appendix is sewn onto the end of the large intestine.  In total there are 11 pieces that fit inside the torso of this anatomy doll.  anatomy106 The heart has 3 valves attached, all the organs are quite detailed, as well as thoroughly felted so they can be handled.anatomy104 The leg and arm have been hollowed out partially and the bones are removeable and reveal muscle, veins, arteries and ligaments.  anatomy107anatomy105  The top of the skull has been hollowed out to insert brains!  They are also created from wool and can pop in and out, they also have the top of the skull that acts as a flap.  anatomy108anatomy109anatomy110anatomy112anatomy113  Fitting each woolly organ inside the torso is like a fun puzzle.  Each and every piece squeezes perfectly into it’s place.  anatomy111anatomy102  This very special project is available for $275 plus shipping world wide.  If you are interested, please contact me.  This doll may also pop up on Etsy later this evening as well.  Click here:  http://woolytopic.etsy.com