Anatomy Shark & (wow, it’s been a while!)

Holy smokes…hello! I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve written anything over here.  I’m excited to share though, I think this fellow is worth the wait.

2014 was fabulous…it brought forth an influx of interest in my Solar System sets and I am so grateful for how many I was able to create for you over the last few months.  A brainy idea happened and I created “Anatomy Doll”; we’ve been enjoying some attention that it’s gotten!   THEN I used my love of whales to create another anatomy creation and came up with Anatomy Whale (modeled after a sperm whale!)

I am ending 2015 and starting 2016 with a continued fascination of all kinds of anatomy.  WHERE this interest came from exactly…I have no clue 😉  I was never a brainiac in biology in high school.  All through science I whispered and day dreamed.  Now I flirt with wool and needles and the occassional sheep when I’m lucky.  heehee

That brings me to the intros.  Meet…. ANATOMY SHARK! DA NA NA NA… (I’m doing my best Jaws with that btw).



Modeled after a Tiger Shark… he has faint darker blue ‘spots’ on his back.  His mouth opens and closes and there are two rows of teeth, top and bottom.  mnjhyuiokgdxvTiger Shark is 11″ long and 7.5″ wide(fin to fin).  Very firmly and densely felted but soft to the touch.  Made using 100% wool and every part of him is sculpted completely using the help of felting needles, scissors and some needle and thread to durably attach all the fins.  nbghytrfvcddHe has 3 gils on either side…just in front of the side fins.

The under belly is hollow and houses all the vital organs.  mnbhjkiuytrdcfvb

You will notice that shark organs differ from a human.  They do have almost everything us humans have and need…but the organs are shaped quite differently. The kidney is loooooong and thin.  The brain is a long lobe, with 3 bulbous sections.  The heart has chambers but is rounded and looks quite unusual compared to a human heart.nbhgtyujmkiuyt

Each and every organ has been carefully sculpted using pleasing colours for interest.  The shark’s under belly is white, the top is light blue and darker blue.  Sharks are ‘two toned’ for the fact that they are camouflaged from hunters and disguised as they approach their prey.  Such powerful bodies, their fins help them gracefully and swiftly slide through the ocean.  I’ve tried to sculpt that majestic shape of the shark and depict their useful fins.

I know this is likely a silly week to introduce a piece for a new home, but Anatomy Shark is all ready to swim abroad.  I hope to have him listed in my Etsy  tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec 22/15)  Click here to visit my Etsy shop.

Anatomy Shark will arrive with a Care Kit, art tags, a small cotton storage bag for the organs and artistically wrapped for your enjoyment.

PS:  2016 is going to all about anatomy 😉  If you have an idea for something you would like to see me offer, please comment or private message me!

NEXT UP:  A MINI sized (human) Anatomy Doll… (it’s too cute for words I promise), Anatomy Robot and Anatomy Zombie.  I’m also going to update my Anatomy Whale a little bit.

Thank you friends… see you soon! anatomywhaleanatomywhale4anatomy101Click here to visit my Etsy shop.