The Wooly Truth

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crystalI’m so happy you are here!  My name is Alynn and I live in Southwestern Ontario, where I was born and raised.  I live with my husband and 5 children – aged 17 down to 3yrs –  We have 6 furkids too, all rescued… 3 dogs + 3 cats.  We are a chaotic, crazy, fun bunch.  Wool is my therapy, my passion.  I create from my soul and share my experience with you through my work.  Each and every piece is a part of what I was feeling at the time it was created.  I treasure this gift, I’m so thankful for this amazing outlet.  I thank you for the support I’ve been shown!  If it wasn’t for your encouragements and love, I wouldn’t be able to continue this venture.aabbccddeeanitasecondlambcherryblossomcheshirecatetsytree3fennell2moxy5heink5mr. billypogopandaforloriwinnierainbowgnomezoltanonerudy4

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