Stella & Joy ~ officially looking for homes :)

It’s time!   The two rascals are now ready for their homes and waiting to meet a new family.  outsideplaying  Both are in my Etsy shop now.  Sold separately.  Click here to find my Etsy shop

Today was a fun day!  Yesterday we experienced quite a snow storm, and it caught us off guard!  Stella & Joy didn’t know WHAT to think.  unexpectedblizzard I bundled them up in some beautiful woolens and out we went to introduce them to the snow.  As you can see, they were shivering little bears!  Today, they embraced this white stuff and we got bundled up again into some playful gear and the girls even made snow balls.  What a pair they are.

Have a great weekend woolly peeps!


Harvey – The Instagram Giveaway Bear!

Happy Monday!  I’m doing a giveaway over on my instagram page and Harvey is the sweet love who you can win!  It’s open to world wide and Wooly Topic pays the shipping.  harvey3Harvey is an all wool bear and stands 2.5″ tall.  He is 5-way jointed and his ears are sewn on.  His torso and head are strung securely together as well.  Harvey wears a golden bell around his neck.  Each person is allowed to enter 5 times.  This giveaway ends on Thursday Jan 20th at noon EST and the winner will be picked by a random generator.  All you have to do to enter over on IG, is tag a friend on the official giveaway post.  Have fun! Good Luck!  harvey1bears 049Click here to go to Wooly Topic on Instagram

Greta – not your average Panda (don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

A rather daring creation for me… but there is a back story to how miss Greta came to be.  greta1She might look like your average woolly panda, but indeed she isn’t.  True…she’s all wool.  True… she’s a nice handful at 6″ tall.   Adorable brown marble eyes she does have indeed.  greta2She has floppy legs that help her sit on her own and stand with assistance.  She’s a cuddle bug.  greta3It all started with me mentioning a certain toy to my 3 year old…maybe you have heard of them or seen them, they are called “Puppy Surprise” or “Kitty Surprise”.  Plush animals that have a hollow belly and they close shut using velcro.  Each animal comes with babies inside and you don’t know how many you get until after you’ve purchased the toy.  My little son LOVES plush dogs and cats.  I told him about this puppy surprise toy and he was wild with excitement at the concept of this toy.  I hadn’t expected this level of interest from him.  He started discussing this toy with his siblings even.  I personally am not a huge fan of the look of the toy, but that’s my own personal preference.  I admit, I did look for the toy… I knew my son would play with it for hours.  I wasn’t able to find it ANYWHERE in my area.  I started to become slightly obsessed trying to find this item and had to step back and give my head a wee shake 😉  It was decided that I would try to make my own version of this toy.  Panda it was. greta11There were a couple of things in mind when creating my own version 1)  I preferred to make a wild animal instead of a domestic animal just simply due to the fact that I don’t want to promote breeding (I am a rescue pet person) 2) I wanted the birthing part of this to be more anatomically correct  I chose Panda because I love them and also, they normally only have one cub at a time.

Ok, here we go.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I’ve been greeted with several reactions while introducing Greta to folks.  It’s completely understandable if birthing toys aren’t your thing. Greta makes me giggle. greta4Baby Panda is tucked up inside mommy, she has a completely hollow torso.  The bottom is closed by a draw string wool cord.  When closed, the cord tucks up inside  Greta.  greta5Push Greta! PUSH! greta6I see a baby!! greta7A wee Panda!  wow!  Good job Greta 😉  greta8Panda cubs are born pink with some very light fur only.  This cub of Greta’s has it’s eyes closed.  greta7greta9There you have it! What do you think?

When I showed my little boy my Greta, he was interested but said “Nah, I want puppy surprise”.  0.O  (oh dear me).

Well…then I guess miss Greta needs a home!

Greta is all wool, made using core wool, white roving and black roving.  Her arms are floppy and attached using cotton floss.  Her legs are attached using black wool yarn, are floppy in manner and jointed.  Her black wool ears are sewn on.  She has brown eyes that are marble.  Her bottom is a wool draw string and it opens and closes. Panda cub comes in and out(ouch, poor Greta!).  Panda cub is only 1″ long and made using light pink toned wool.  He is 5 way jointed.  His eyes are closed and his nose and mouth are grey.

Click here to go to my Etsy shop where you will find Greta

“Anki” ~ I didn’t know teddy bears could have cooler boots than me.

anki2  I’ve discovered a love of a certain kind of critter.  Ones with tiny shoes.  Little wee perfect mini sized shoes.  Anki’s shoes are brown leather boots with the tiniest perfect laces.  I just cannot resist this look.  Personally I cannot get over that perfect shoes are made so tiny!  The soles are not even 1″ long! esmebunny1 The navy blue Mary Janes belong to a bunny I made named Esme.  beatrice2The boots belong to a lamb named Bea.    anki1Shoes aren’t the only thing that make these critters special to me.  I’m rather enjoying the tiny skirts.  Anki is wearing one made by the fantastic Honey Lime Designs(Etsy, Facebook).  The skirt comes on and off, it has an elastic waist.   These shoe-wearing-wonders are detailed all over.  Miss Anki even has KNEES! (I will need to take a picture of them as I realize I didn’t today!)anki3Wooly Topic critters have unique personalities.  Two little girls who met Anki today at my house, think she looks sad.  I told them it’s because she is desperately waiting for a new home.  One should likely think before giving that answer to little girls who are looking longingly at a boot-and-skirt-wearing bear.  They mistook my attempt at humor as an invitation to keep her.  However, the smaller humans around me are getting used to being told they will need to add current creations to ‘their wish lists’ 😉  anki4Anki has her own teddy bear friend.  We call him “Will”.  Wee Will is just over 1 inch long.  He is fully jointed!  Will fits tucked under her chubby wool arm.   Her torso is weighted using decorative art gravel(small bead like pieces).  I love the weight of these critters.  A perfect handful.  Anki’s torso is made using hand dyed teeswater locks in bright pink, purple, yellow, green and orange.  It’s a mosaic combination.  anki6Anki’s limbs and head are jointed and move.  She sits and stands on her own.  Her ears and face are ivory wool felt.  She has embroidered features too.  Anki has felt pads on her front paws. anki7 Anki has brown bead eyes.  They feel like glass to me and they are so gorgeous!

Anki is pleased I introduced her to you.   She promises that she is not a grumpy soul.  Rather, she’s innocent and sweet.  Anki is caring and a good listener.

She will look for a home soon!  ❤