Pepper from Pickle Crow, Ontario.

I am greatly inspired by many artists who create from their own home studios.  Many of them being creators of Waldorf inspired dolls.  I myself am a collector of these beautiful beings, made from all natural materials.  Over time I have found myself wanting to create simple looking dolls that remind me of the look of the dolls I collect and love so much.

I first created Hally:  hallycutest  She was the first of my doll creations.  I am quite taken with small wool knits and tiny detailed footware.  I love short hair and curls.  This is how Hally was born.  Hally stands 8″ tall and she has wire in her legs and arms.  She is also fully jointed.  Hally has moved to her new home now.

Onto introducing Pepper:  pepper1 pepper2When she was all ready… she told me her name and said she is from Pickle Crow, Ontario.  It’s a real town!  I looked it up!  It sounds like a whimsical place, just like Pepper.

She is an all wool doll, created entirely by needle felting.  She stands 9.5″.  Her arms and legs have wire inside and she’s fully jointed.  She has skinny limbs and a chubby belly 🙂  pepper3pepper4She has beautiful auburn teeswater curls.  pepper6pepper7Pepper can be posed.  Her clothes and boots come off.  pepper8Tied in her hair is a sweet piece of gauze cotton material that has hearts as a design.  pepper9I find myself to be a bit of a detail junkie.  pepper10The pink cowl was crocheted by Turtlekeeper Designs.  I have sewn a wooden button on to keep it closed around her.  The wool romper is knitted and I am uncertain who made it!  I purchased this romper from a friend who no longer needed it for her dolls.  Pepper is complete with brown leather lace up boots.  Wearing them ensures she can stand on her own. pepper11Pepper has a pink smile and rosey cheeks.  Her eyes are glass beads and she is complete with some freckles too!

There’s no telling how many dolls I will be creating.  I tend to do what my heart tells me.  Soon Pepper will be looking for a home 🙂  She will be found in my Etsy shop:  Click here to go to my Etsy shop


Stella & Joy ~ officially looking for homes :)

It’s time!   The two rascals are now ready for their homes and waiting to meet a new family.  outsideplaying  Both are in my Etsy shop now.  Sold separately.  Click here to find my Etsy shop

Today was a fun day!  Yesterday we experienced quite a snow storm, and it caught us off guard!  Stella & Joy didn’t know WHAT to think.  unexpectedblizzard I bundled them up in some beautiful woolens and out we went to introduce them to the snow.  As you can see, they were shivering little bears!  Today, they embraced this white stuff and we got bundled up again into some playful gear and the girls even made snow balls.  What a pair they are.

Have a great weekend woolly peeps!

Harvey – The Instagram Giveaway Bear!

Happy Monday!  I’m doing a giveaway over on my instagram page and Harvey is the sweet love who you can win!  It’s open to world wide and Wooly Topic pays the shipping.  harvey3Harvey is an all wool bear and stands 2.5″ tall.  He is 5-way jointed and his ears are sewn on.  His torso and head are strung securely together as well.  Harvey wears a golden bell around his neck.  Each person is allowed to enter 5 times.  This giveaway ends on Thursday Jan 20th at noon EST and the winner will be picked by a random generator.  All you have to do to enter over on IG, is tag a friend on the official giveaway post.  Have fun! Good Luck!  harvey1bears 049Click here to go to Wooly Topic on Instagram